Tasmania, Australia


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  • Lisa Wheeler

Working Women Tasmania Q&A

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

In case you missed the live streams Skye and I did yesterday, below we have answered some questions about our Working Women Tasmanian (WWT) seminar taking place on November 23 in Launceston. If you are interested in attending the event, you can buy tickets here.

Q: What is the seminar about?

Lisa: "Good question. For me it's about how to recognise inspiration. Recognising that we have an innate ability to know what's best for us in creating the journey towards our life's purpose. We just need to tune into that. Ultimately this seminar is about teaching women how they can make themselves happy."

Skye: "This is about working women getting what they want. Both Lisa and I work with clients who come to us for help with meeting their goals, but often they don't really know what their goals are. We want to show women that the concept of figuring out your life aspirations is actually quite achievable, once you drown out all the background noise."

Q: What kind of person should attend WWT?

Lisa: "We think it's open for any women who have dreams and aspirations, who want to move forward in their life. Women who are feeling frustrated, deflated, unhappy with where they are at and would like support in knowing how to move forward."

Skye: "I think when we picture the 'working woman', we imagine a CEO in a pant suit sitting in a high rise office. But this seminar can help women who are casuals, part-time, full-time, working from home, or even women who are currently searching for employment in Tasmania."

Q: Why did you decide to host WWT?

Lisa: "I felt that I had something to contribute. I've helped lots of my clients with goal setting and aligning with joy. A big part of my program teaches women how to connect with inner inspiration to create the life they desire."

Skye: "I've had this idea on my mind for a long time, but I held myself back because I doubted myself. Then some huge changes happened in my life and I realised that I wasn't where I wanted to be, and this self doubt was the thing that was stopping me from truly feeling happy. The best thing about this seminar is the coaching we will be providing are things Lisa and I have both used to improve our lives significantly."

Q: What are you most excited for?

Lisa: "I was a school teacher for nearly 20 years. Seeing that person's eyes light up, and seeing that lightning bolt flash through them (what's a lightning bolt? Come to our seminar to find out!). I recognised that it wasn't so much the teaching I enjoyed, but instead participating in the learning."

Skye: "I really want to cultivate a sense of connection between all the women who attend, myself included. Lisa and I have been really transparent in this seminar, tackling the big questions, like, "When I will finally feel successful?" and, "What am I meant to be doing with my life?" We have worked hard to provide simple, sustainable tools they can take home and keep in their emotional toolbox for the rest of their lives. Sometimes we feel like the whole world is on our shoulders, and I think we will all leave there understanding we struggle with the same universal questions."

Q: Have you personally experienced any of the topics you will be discussing during WWT?

Lisa: "Yes! Big yes. The information I will be sharing very much is practical experience that I learnt from years of struggling to figure out how to listen to my intuition and take inspired action. With the big questions, as well as little ones - it's about having that desire to tune into my inner voice."

Skye: "I believe everything happens for a reason. Since we began planning for this seminar, I have found myself in so many situations that I could relate back to the topics in the seminar. I am participating in this seminar as a freelancer, but I also have a full time corporate career so I have many experiences I can share to connect with all the material we will cover in the seminar."

Q: What results should I expect from WWT?

Lisa: "Definitely to be able to recognise and listen to your inner voice, and hopefully with the determination to act on it. We can't make people change their lives, but our hope is we can motivate them to take the path towards their greatest satisfaction."

Skye: "The good thing about this seminar is that is provides lots of practical tools - you can expect to come out feeling more connected to not only yourself, but you will also have more confidence in making decisions, communicating and setting boundaries with others."