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  • Lisa Wheeler

Why You Need A High Vibration

Perhaps you have heard the term ‘high vibration’ before. Attaining a high vibration is incredibly important - the speed at which we vibrate determines our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental quality of life.

Everything in our universe is made of energy. Therefore, everything in our universe vibrates. For the purpose of understanding more about our emotional energy, we need to know that the speed that our cells vibrate is what determines our frequency level. When we are vibrating faster we are happier and on the frequency of peace, love and joy. When we are vibrating slower we are sadder and on the frequency of hopelessness, fear and anxiety.

There are many factors which can influence this vibration speed and frequency. The two highest, most common causes of low vibration are stress and sickness.

Stress is a major contributor to a slower vibration as it depletes our energy. We cannot be on a peaceful frequency if we feel overwhelmed or distressed. Repeated or long term stress can (and often does) cause our body to become sick.

Sickness is the body’s response to being on a lower frequency for too long. It tries to rid itself of toxins that have built up through a slower vibration. It’s not until our cells begin to vibrate at a faster speed that our body overcome it’s illnesses and start to feel healthier.

Self care is so important when we desire to live on a higher vibration. Basic things such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercise invite higher vibrations and therefore a better quality of life. Because every single thing has a vibration level, we are looking to consume and surround ourselves with things that also have a higher frequency level. Even the music we listen to, the books we read and the movies we watch will be on different frequency levels depending on our choices.

Spending time in nature can raise your vibration.

Raising the earth’s collective vibration can be the realistic result when people understand this concept and try to improve their lives. Grounding ourselves to the the earth’s energy source is a powerful way to raise our vibration. We can do this by going to the beach and breathing in the ions from the salt water, walking barefoot in the sand, meditation, deep breathing and mindfulness and visualisation exercises to name a few.

The question to ask ourselves is: “Does my lifestyle uplift me and raise my vibration or does it bring me down?”

If you would like to align yourself with higher vibrations and therefore a higher quality of life, consider my Aligning with Joy program. If you are interested in learning more about this, or would like to know more about what I do, contact me for a free assessment call today.

In light and love

Lisa x