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  • Lisa Wheeler

What to Do When Self Care Becomes A Burden.

As women, I think some times we collect ideas of things we think we should do to help us be happy and then find we are just ticking them off, like a list that aren't bringing us any happiness at all. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be a certain way, we lose ourselves in the process.

Has Self Care become just another thing on your 'to do' list? Has it become a drudgery or a burden?

What is Self Care?

~ Physical Self Care: This is about taking taking care of our physical body; it could mean doing exercise, yoga or walking along the beach but it could also be eating healthy or drinking more water.

~ Emotional Self Care: This one is about being aware of our emotions. Not suppressing them but just observing them and finding ways to work through them in a kind and respectful manner.

~Spiritual Self Care: This is about finding peace and nourishing our souls. Its about feeling connected to ourselves and the world around us. It can relate to religion but not necessarily.

~Intellectual Self Care: this one is about finding things to do that stimulate the mind and challenge your thinking. When we expand our knowledge and our creativity we nurture ourselves.

~Social Self Care: This one will be different depending on how sociable you are but connecting with others, serving and helping people and allowing them to return love back to you.

If self care has become a burden then I need to consider my individual needs.

Because self care is so individual it is important that we SERIOUSLY consider what our personal preferences would look like. It might mean we need to get to know ourselves better.

What Are Your Individual Needs?

1. Do you like routine and structure or do you like to change it up regularly?

2. Do you like to multi-task and incorporate your self care in with other things you're doing or do you want to take the time and do your self care methodically and specifically?

3. What aspects of self care do you like? Do you like fast pace activities or do you like slower pace?

4. What times of the day works best for you?

I have found I like to start the day with my self care, this sets me up with a strong mindset and I feel better prepared for the day.

IDEA: I like the concept someone shared with me once of writing a whole heap of ideas on separate bits of paper and, just like picking out of a hat, choose one each day and follow through with it.

For me self care is something I WANT to do to help me feel alive and vibrant; that raises my vibration. If I'm struggling to want to do that, I am willing to give myself a day or two off but not too long as I then start to go down hill and feel crappy. And no-one likes that feeling. If the self care activities I have given myself are a burden then I will look at changing them up because they're obviously not working for me. For example, sometimes I want to do activities that are vigorous and dynamic and other times I want to do low key things that are gentle and nourishing.


One of my friends said she tells herself rather than having to do self care, she gets to do self care. Just that small change in attitude makes it a privilege and helps motivate her.

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In light & love

Lisa x