Tasmania, Australia


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  • Lisa Wheeler

What The Heck Are You Saying? Q&A

Hello all! Skye and I are so excited for our upcoming seminar - "What The Heck Are You Saying?" The seminar will be held on March 14th from 2pm - 4pm, at the Launceston Conference Centre. Below is the Q&A video (and transcript for those who prefer to read).

Tickets are available here. We look forward to seeing you there!

Q: Firstly, how do you feel your last seminar went?

Lisa: "It was fun and engaging. The women went away enthusiastic."

Skye: "We had really good feedback, so they must have liked it!"

Q: What is the Toolbox Series?

Skye: "So, we originally wanted to call our seminars ‘Working Women Tasmania’ Seminars, but it was really interesting to see the women who came were more interested in improving their personal relationships and feeling more inspired about their personal growth. So then we developed a new fun concept - the Toolbox Series."

Lisa: "It’s more about giving women the tools and techniques to be empowered and step into the full expression of themselves."

Skye: “I think every woman should have their own toolbox, and we plan to do more seminars, each will focus on a different tool that we as women can have in our back pocket if needed. Each seminar can stand on it’s own but we are designing them to be a series.”

Q: What is your new seminar about?

Skye: "Essentially, it’s about communication. But we won’t focus so much on communication concepts like ‘open and closed questions’, ‘smiling’, etc, we are trying to get to the bottom of what we are really saying when we are talking."

Lisa: "It’s about inspiring women to be more courageous and self assured. They come away knowing how to feel heard and validated."

Q: What kind of person should attend WTHAYS?

Lisa: "Women. We did consider inviting men to attend but men’s brains don’t necessarily work the same as ours so they might not get as much out of it."

Skye: "We talk about this concept of ‘foot in mouth disease’, something Lisa and I have both self diagnosed ourselves with. It’s my opinion that we feel uncomfortable or awkward speaking in social situations for one of two reasons: either we don’t feel confident in our relationships or we don’t have a strong sense of boundaries."

Q: What are you most excited for?

Lisa: "Impacting women’s lives and relationships for good."

Skye: "I’m excited to get the girls back together, I hope that everyone who came last time can make it for this next seminar because we have designed them to build on each other."

Q: Have you personally experienced any of the topics you will be discussing during WTHAYS?

Lisa: "Definitely. The things I will talk about are practical things that I learnt from years of struggling with how to communicate and have my needs met.”

Skye: "I wouldn’t feel comfortable teaching people things I hadn’t personally learned for myself, because I’ve seen the improvements in my own life."

Q: What results should attendees expect from WTHAYS?

Lisa: "First up, improved communication skills. Secondly, a greater understanding of themselves, their needs, and their values. Also, how to set boundaries or ask for support without feeling they are inconveniencing others."

Skye: "Setting boundaries is something I have struggled with, and I would tell the women who come to expect to feel more confident and assertive when setting boundaries, as developing these two feelings are what really made me a more competent communicator."