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  • Lisa Wheeler

Two Simple Methods to Overcome Embarrassment

Do you feel embarrassed easily?

Embarrassment is a social construct birthed in our ego and is based on our perception of what we should do or be.

What does this mean?

It means that when we feel embarrassed, we feel self conscious and our ego or pride is calling the shots. Our ego is the part of the mind that runs self importance, self centred ambition and arrogance. When we feel embarrassed, we feel awkward, shame or humiliation which is coming from a perception that we have done something wrong in any given social situation.

Feeling embarrassment is a low vibration feeling and can result in feelings of self recrimination, disconnection and worthlessness.

So what can we do to distinguish it?

1. Notice it as it arises. Tune into the feeling and name it up. Instead of being focused on the social situation, lean into yourself and your body reaction. Without judgement against yourself be curious about your response.

When we do this we shift our attention from what made us embarrassed to what is the result of that embarrassment. Straight away we are alleviating our focal point from the social context and disengaging from the feeling.

I Love My Life

2. Telling ourselves that the embarrassed feeling is coming from our ego and it doesn't really belong to me, to the real me, we can help us dissociate from it. We can purge unwanted feelings by changing our thinking as our emotions are birthed from our beliefs. Therefore, when we tune into our thoughts, give them an alternative narrative to alter our perception, we can then let go of the discomfort the embarrassment has caused in us.

When we dismiss low vibration feelings and rather focus on raising our vibrations, we begin to experience emotions such as joy, peace and love. We can become grateful for what life teaches us and enjoy looking for opportunities to become self aware and enlightened.