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  • Lisa Wheeler

The Law of Polarity

Welcome to part three of my series on the universal laws. Today we will be discussing the law of polarity. This law teaches us that there is opposition in all things. How would you know what heat was, unless you had felt cold? How would you know what misery feels like, unless you had experienced happiness before?

The law of polarity is a universal law, which means it will affect all of us in our lives. We have all felt opposition, and we have all felt tested. That is what the law of polarity does. It extends an invitation for growth to us through tests. We can accept this invitation by understanding how the law of polarity works, and acting in our best interests to overcome the trial and become closer to our life purpose.

I have felt this recently in my business. I felt stuck. All this motivation I had been experiencing since I started emotion life coaching seemed to be disappearing. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to keep going - I felt tired, and I felt overwhelmed. But I noticed the opposition. I could feel that I had lost my motivation but I recognised that it was a test, one that I could overcome and things would be better than I could ever imagine.

When you look like this, you may be working against the law of polarity.

I found myself working with the law of polarity, instead of against it. This is the key to true life happiness. Here are some ways you can work with the law of polarity:

Let yourself rest. If you feel tired or unmotivated, give yourself time to rest and recharge your batteries. And this can be anything! My clients all show self care in different ways - some enjoy getting back in touch with nature, taking baths, journalling or giving themselves time alone to become more present and in tune in their bodies. Use this time to self reflect if you feel inspired to do so.

Think about your life purpose. Is this challenge designed to help you move forward towards your goal? Is this going to make you a stronger, more knowledgeable person? Or is this maybe a sign you need to let go and walk away? Self reflecting is a great tool to help make these questions a bit clearer.

Focus on love. Spend time with family, friends, pets, or even plants. Work on creating deeper bonds with others and with yourself. Change your routine, do fun activities with loved ones you haven’t done before and even take yourself out on a solo date just to get know yourself that little bit better.

Now that I have overcome this test, I can feel the difference. I feel great! After my period of down time, I can really feel the high of motivation for my life! Life is exciting, and I feel well rested and respected by my own self care.

But understand I have learned this through many years of studying and learning through my real life tests and trials. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or are unsure, contact me today.

In light and love,

Lisa x