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  • Lisa Wheeler

The Law of Cycles

Lately I have been posting about the universal laws. I felt prompted to speak about this because universal laws are, believe it or not, universal - and this means they will affect every single one of us.

Today I want to tell you about the law of cycles (also known as the law of patterns or gestation). This law is all about understanding that life has a natural cycle of events, such as a flower growing. An integral part of understanding the law of cycles is knowing that you can’t simply skip ahead the section that you don’t like, for when a flower grows there are times it has to rain. So often in this day and age, we are impatient and want what we want immediately.

This law helps us to remain patient and give life the time it needs to unfold. Once a flower has bloomed, we can understand its’ beauty and are more thankful for the time it took to grow. We must do the same for ourselves. Everything takes time.

All natural things are beautiful thanks to their cycle.

A baby takes 9 months to form, a seed takes time to bud and grow. Everything has a gestation, a cycle and a pattern to follow. We do ourselves a disfavour when we expect to cut corners and for things to arrive quicker than they should.

This is particularly true in relation to manifesting our desires into our own lives. We raise our vibrations and visualise our future. We put energy and emotion into it and believe with all our hearts it will appear to us. But then a week later, we might tire of it because it hasn’t yet happened. When we ask the universe for what we want, we then need to have trust and faith that it will come when it is ready.

I say these things to you from personal experience. In the past, I have been the type of person to leap before I look. I knew what I wanted and I could not understand why my goals were not manifesting. I was ready! I would take it personally and feel like the universe was against me, but now since understanding this, I have been more patient and relaxed with the outcome.

In the last 12 months I have been really making an effort to let go of the outcome, to not be so attached to what I want and learn to be happy with where I am now. I trust in this and surrender my anxiety, frustrations or control. It is by growing with the flower I can now create the reality I have been trying to manifest.

I have seen and felt the changes that understand this law can provide. If you too would like to fall in love with the process and trust the universe with the outcome, contact me today.

In light and love,

Lisa x