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  • Lisa Wheeler

The Four Weeding Techniques

The things we say to ourselves become our identity. They may not necessarily be helpful, they might not even be true – things like, “I am not good enough.” These “I am..” statements become our identity.

Speaking to ourselves with these negative “I am...” statements is just a habit and we have the opportunity now to replace those habits. We have created neurological connections in our brain to convince ourselves this is who we are. But we can form new neurological connections. It takes 28 days to create new habits and around 90 days for new neurological pathways.

A healthy habit like drinking water takes 28 days to form.

The best way to do this is to come up with new “I am” statements. Some common ones my clients use are “I am smart”, “I am a happy mum”, and “I am healthy”. One of my favourite quotes is, 'you can be the pilot or the passenger in your own life, the choice is yours'. Changing what we tell ourselves and how we think about ourselves, is the FIRST step to creating inner peace. Whatever you want to be, you can manifest this. This practice is part of a collective of four neurological shifting techniques, adapted from John Kehoe - titled ‘The Four Weeding Techniques’.

The Four Weeding Techniques are about tuning into our negative thinking. Our mind can be a beautiful garden with inspiring, uplifting thoughts. But just like any garden, it can also grow weeds. In this idea the weeds are our negative thinking. We must weed them as they are ugly and destroy the beautiful garden. Here is how to get started:

1. Observe. Label it. It is as simple as, “Gee, that was a negative thought.” As soon as we label this thought we take away it’s power.

2. Think the opposite. Turn, “I am stupid,” into, “No, I am clever. I am smart.” Think of any example. “I am smart because I am a great problem solver.” This has now become your identity. You are telling yourself you are a great problem solver, so you are.

3. Exaggerate. Run with this negative thought and exaggerate it so much it couldn't .possibly be true. Have fun and be silly. When we can laugh at ourselves, it takes away the power.

4. Cut it off. The good news is that we can only think of one thing at a time. Try to shift.your focus onto something completely different, preferably something positive or calming.

I work with clients on weeding out their negative thoughts inviting positive, high vibrations in their life. Consider my program; Achieving Your Life Purpose. For more information on how I can help you manifest the best version of yourself, please contact me for a free assessment call today.

In light and love,

Lisa x