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  • Lisa Wheeler

Unconditional Self Love Women's Circle

Updated: Jan 7

"As I was laying next to my daughter with self love on my mind, I couldn't help but admire her absolute perfection.

Her perfect little nose,

her perfect little eyelashes with the tiniest hint of orange peeping through

and her perfect breath as she slept.

As I admired her with pure love, I found myself reflecting on the parts of her I find challenging - the harder parts to love.

When I think about her shadow parts, I always reflect back to myself and see these negative parts as me because she is my mirror and I am her teacher. All her challenging behaviours reflect back to me the negative things I've taught her.

But I could never see her behaviours as her fault. The shadow parts will never be her fault and that leads me to think back to myself.

What if I could not only work towards loving myself, but move past the shame of my own shadows and find beauty?

To realise that my daughter's shadows don't just reflect the negative parts of me, but they reflect back on opportunity for growth that I have discovered. And even further, the good parts of her are also me.

To see my own lack of emotional intelligence as not a fault of my own, it was nobody's fault, but a learning opportunity, a lesson in love and acceptance of myself.

She is pure magic.

I am pure magic.

She is wild.

I am wild.

She is pure love.

I am pure love.

Learning to love ourselves is learning to love all of us; the good parts and the not so good."

*Written by Kiara

Our intention for this next women's circle is to welcome women and mothers to not only love themselves, but to love themselves without condition.

Are you ready to open and expand your heart chakra to easily attract love and support in your life?

Are you ready to abundantly receive and to easily and freely give?

Are you ready to feel a sense of gratitude for how good your life is?

Are you ready to appreciate yourself and others and feel compassion for yourself and others without feeling sorry?

When our heart chakra is open, we feel joyful for no apparent reason. We feel loved and lovable. We begin to heal our life and thrive.

We invite you to participate with us on Monday 3rd Feb because this is the night of the new moon. The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle. It offers us a fresh start, to set new intentions, to breathe, feel and recharge. Its the perfect time to honour all that we've been through and release any old patterns that aren't serving us anymore.

The event will be held in Launceston,Tasmania. We will begin at 7.30pm to allow time for mothers to organise their children, and conclude by 9.30pm at the latest.


~ a journal to write down your thoughts as part of the circle

~your intention of what you want to receive (not to share but for your own development)


~meditation with heart activation breathing

~journaling and self reflection

~commit to our intentions for 2020 as we sample our own ceremonial cacao gathered together under the new moon

~ to make and take home a self love mist spray using pure flower therapeutic grade essential oils(to begin your (supplied) self love first aid box including beautiful cards of 20 unconditional self love ideas)


~to experience a taste of Lisa's very own energy medicine (see video below for a preview)

The investment for this transformational evening is $30. Max 10 participants, to reserve your spot pre-payment is necessary, to purchase tickets click here or contact Lisa/Wholistic View for PayPal or internet banking details.

We look forward to supporting you in your healing journey.

Love and Light

Lisa and Kiara