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  • Lisa Wheeler


Updated: Feb 14

What limitation of your soul are you ready to heal from?

I have had a fear of water and drowning my whole life and last year someone shared the connection with the fear of not being able to breathe and I knew that was me.

I was born blue and needed oxygen and even though I couldn't remember it, my soul, my subconscious memory, my heart could.

Once I knew this and cleared the fear, the difference was amazing.

I recall last summer when we were swimming at Bridport and my son said, "you're different in the water mum".

Recently I was sitting on the beach watching the huge waves crashing on the beach and admiring the majestic power and beauty of the ocean when I had an overwhelming desire to get in.

For those that know me, I rarely get in the water and if I do it's just up to my waist. But this time I was excited to go with it and experience a whole body encounter.

It was VERY cold, so I practised a breathing technique I had learnt and I walked straight in to my shoulders.

I was alone and afraid but I knew deep down this was something I needed to do.

Then something strange; for those 5 mins walking in, there wasn't a single wave. It was completely flat. I felt the universe supporting me. I felt divinity encouraging me. I knew I wasnt really alone.The huge rolling waves had been relentless. I knew in my soul but couldn't fathom intellectually that they had stopped for me.

I said thank you!🙏🙏🙏

Just at that moment a huge wave came boaring down on me, I nearly lost my nerve but I dived under it. I HAVE NEVER DIVED UNDER A WAVE BEFORE IN MY LIFE.

It was SO exhilarating!! It was breath taking. It was transformational.


Are you ready to free yourself and embrace your past, awaken compassion and enable forgiveness of self and others?

As we ignite your life's purpose and help you rein in your inner power, we invite you to STAND IN YOUR TRUTH.

The truth is every individual's life experience was divinely orchestrated to be perfect for that individual and that forgiveness of anyone who hurts us in our journey is required if we want to graduate into higher states of light and truth.

Forgiveness is a process of releasing us to the higher vibrations of gratitude and charity, the peace and love of the Universe.

Forgiveness is the bridge that allows us to move into our higher consciousness.

This circle will focus on giving you the tools to enable you to cross that bridge.

This journey may take time and for some it takes a life-time but each step is one step closer.

If you find it hard to forgive certain individuals in your life, you probably still believe that forgiveness condones what they have done to you.

This is not the case.

Forgiveness helps us heal while holding others accountable.

In fact, when you forgive someone who has hurt you, you are “FOR GIVING” them back the energy that they need to account for and releasing yourself from that old story that hurt you.

You are no longer carrying it for them. You are giving it back to them, and therefore, freeing you from their energy.

As we awaken the freedom of love, compassion and humility in ourselves, we remember who are we are at our core and embody the beautiful, peaceful and joyful women we were born to be.

Join with us as we serve you and empower you to transform your life and RETURN TO SOUL.

Our next circle is Monday 24th Feb because this is the night of the new moon. The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle. It offers us a fresh start, to set new intentions, to breathe, feel, FORGIVE and recharge. Its the perfect time to honour all that we've been through and release any old patterns that aren't serving us anymore.

The event will be held at my house in Launceston. We will confirm the address on receipt of your booking. We will begin at 7.30pm to allow time for mothers to organise their children, and conclude by 9.30pm at the latest.

Bring a transformative intention of what you wish to let go from this circle


~ grounding and empowering meditation and visualisation

~powerful clearing journaling and self reflection

~ to cleanse your heart gathered together under the new moon

~ to be nourished with our own ceremonial cacao goodness

~to make and take home a divinely enriched forgiveness nasal inhaler using pure therapeutic grade essential oils to add to your self care kit


~to experience a taste of Lisa's very own intuitive energy healing


We very much look forward to supporting you on your healing journey.

In light and love

Lisa and Kiara