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  • Lisa Wheeler

Overcoming Loneliness: how to feel more connected

This week I learnt from Cigna’s 2020 Loneliness Index that 3 out of 5 Americans are lonely.

Does that statistic surprise you?

That we can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely!

I don't believe this impacts just shy and introverted people because I know as an extrovert that I have still felt this at times. There have been times when I've been surrounded by people I know, even family and I've felt lonely.

How about you?

Loneliness comes from a lack of connection. This connection is a feeling, an energy of love, acceptance and an honesty of authenticity. There is no awkwardness and no second guessing ourselves, we are free to be and do who we really are.

The number one life lesson I have learnt about feeling a lack of connection to others is that it always comes back to how I'm feeling about myself. When I feel disconnected to others, I am always feeling disconnected to myself.

The times when I feel lonely and unhappy, I tune into my thoughts, my emotions and my body and make a simple change that makes all the difference.

When I feel disconnected I have recognised that I am holding onto a program of belief, its a belief that I am a victim to my surroundings. I can feel my energy is heavy and I know that others are not approaching me because unconsciously they can feel that heaviness around me.

In this scenario all I have to do is to ask my mind to clear this programming; the victim mentality. Its a mistaken belief probably grounded in childhood and I don't need or want to carry it with me. I ask my emotions and my body to clear the heaviness and replace it with love and acceptance. With gratitude I ask my energy to raise my vibrations. I physically change my body position or seating and I breathe out the old energy and breathe in the new energy.

Every time I do this I am amazed how suddenly my shift in thinking impacts on my situation. People once again begin to engage with me and enjoy my company and I theirs.

I invite you to try it and let me know how you go.

When Our Authentic Selves Embrace

I have a vision to empower 10,000 women worldwide to break the shackles of disconnection and come together to support one another and overcome these gloomy statistics.

I am building my tribe bit by bit and at the moment we are reaching for the milestone of 300 sisters. If you are not a part of my tribe entitled Sisterhood - Empowering Connection then click here to join

I would also LOVE it if you would invite your friends who you feel are aligned with my vision and would benefit from the joy of connecting with like-minded women.

Who would benefit from the free tools and techniques and that might like to participate in the events, workshops and Sisterhood Circles we hold, because unlike other Facebook groups, this is a tribe where we focus on serving, sharing and holding space for one another.

This is a movement of women coming together and supporting women, are you on board?

Thank you to those of you who are. I look forward to connecting with you in the near future.


Lisa x