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  • Lisa Wheeler

Can Our Life be Perfect?

Updated: Mar 10

I read a post this week where my friend said she is not a perfect mum but... and went on to share something cool about her kids and it got me thinking.

What if she is a perfect mum? Maybe not perfect in what she does but perfect in who she is. She is the perfect mum for her kids. The life she gives them is perfect for them.

I believe that our life is perfect.

Perfect for our learning.

Perfect for our growth.

Perfect for our understanding of who we are to become.

I believe that before we were born to this earth we made contracts and commitments to enable us to learn, overcome our weaknesses and improve on our strengths and help others do the same

Everything that we have done, everything that has happened to us is perfect. Does that mean we still have guilt? Yes, guilt serves as a teacher, letting us know when we have done something that we don't want to do again. When guilt comes along lean into it, ask questions and without judgement make goals with your new knowledge and understanding.

Jill Bolty Taylor is a neuroatomist who has founded the 90-second rule. She teaches there is a 90 second process where our body flushes out the chemical response of the emotion. If we don't give it the 90 secs then the process is incomplete and our body will continue to try and process it, meaning that our body will continue to bring back the emotion. However, she also asserts that if we continue in the emotional response after 90 secs then we are choosing to stay in the emotional loop being triggered by the same thought over and over. "For 90 seconds we can watch the process happening, we can feel it happening, then we can watch it go away."

So what if we can release our guilt and accept our life as perfect for what we need to experience, learn, and become.

If we take away the negative or traumatic experiences we have had, we would have to take away what we have learnt from them. I know that because of my experiences I am a more compassionate, empathic, wise and understanding person. I certainly wouldn't be a life coach taking this opportunity to empower other women, and I wouldn't be the mum and wife, or even person I am today.

Can you look back and be grateful for your struggles and lessons?

There is a peace that comes when you can. If you are not at that place yet, then that's perfect for you. If you want to experience this peace then just put out the intention that you want to be and allow your life to move towards it at its own pace. Let the timing be perfect for you.

If the time is perfect for you to take action on this then journal the following questions.

  1. What regrettable experiences are you feeling guilty about in your life? (Rate them out of 10, 10 being you feel very guilty).

  2. Take the experiences with the highest number and journal what you learnt from these experiences.

  3. What attributes, actions or behaviours have you done or become as a consequence?

  4. What attributes, action or behaviours will you choose to do or be from now?

As emotion comes up for you through this experience, let it come out and let it go. Remember the 90 second rule, give it the time it needs and then forgive yourself. To assist with this process use the H'oponopono.

Say out loud over and over these four statements until you begin to feel peace:

I'm sorry

I forgive you

Thank you

I love you

If you would LOVE further coaching support to release your guilt and enjoy peace and happiness on a daily basis then contact

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In light and love