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  • Lisa Wheeler

How to Re-Create Your Life Story: Part 2

“You can be the pilot or the passenger in your life. It’s your choice.” - Carol Tuttle.

I love this quote because it speaks a universal truth. We can be the pilot, head-fast at the steering wheel with all knowledge on how and where we are going. Or we can be the passenger, sitting in the uncomfortable chairs staring idly out the window.

I love the idea that I can create my own life. And I am doing that. It comes back again to affirmations and visualising which parts of your life you desire to change. In Part 1 of this series I talked about recognising dissatisfaction in your life and how you can stop settling for a life that doesn’t fulfill you. If you have not yet read that blog, you can do so here.

I help my clients recognise their desires and align them with their true life purpose.

So now you know that you want to get up from your seat and move to the plane cabin - you want to be the pilot. But the question now is…

How Do I Create My Own Life Story?

Firstly, I think we are human beings become too hung up on the “how”. Asking ourselves how with such fervency can invoke fears and limiting beliefs - which is what we are trying to release in the first place!

The trick is to take any fears or limiting beliefs you may have around re-creating your life and hand it over. I personally hand my feelings over to God. You can hand yours over to God, your angels, your guides, to the Universe! Find your source of faith and courage and politely pass any other negative feelings along. We must then trust they will know what to do.

When we trust that we have made the right decision, that now is the right time (and it’s always the right time to make positive changes and empower your life satisfaction!), we trust that we will receive answers on how to take our next steps.

When we open ourselves up to inspiration, that’s when the exciting things begin to happen. We have put our faith in God or the Universe and they have returned our intentions to us in the form of inspiration. This is an incredibly exciting feeling, and I have witnessed many of my clients achieving success this way, but this in fact brings us to the most important part of receiving the answers: we must listen, we must commit, and we must act.

Don’t be that passenger. I chose to be the pilot. And yes, it came with more responsibility, but that came hand in hand with rewards. I now know my life purpose - and that is to help all my clients, and you as well, understand how to hear inspiration and make commitments that will change your lives forever. For more inspiration please read about my Achieving Your Life Purpose 30 Day Program. Let me pass along the joy of becoming the person you want to be.

In light and love,

Lisa x