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  • Lisa Wheeler

How To Grow Emotional Resilience

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Have you ever felt like anger is in charge of you, instead of you being in control of your anger? It is possible to gain back control. We can put steps in place to tame our anger and grow our emotional resilience. Along the way, my clients have also found that other people’s words and actions don’t trigger them as much. They have taken back their sovereignty, and so can you.

But what is emotional resilience?

Emotional resilience refers to the ability to bounce back from any situation. It’s about choosing our battles. When someone pushes buttons and we react, we give away our power. We place others in charge of our emotions instead of ourselves. Having emotional resilience means you hold onto that power and can leave the situation feeling confident and free from triggers.

Emotional resilience and anger come together. We are triggered when someone invites us to anger. But in most cases, anger is a secondary emotion overpowering the true cause of our triggered response: fear.

Meditation can be very helpful when growing emotional resilience.

I personally experience fears of losing sovereignty and being vulnerable with my emotions. It can be difficult to find the true root of the problem when you are in a triggering situation. But the most effective way to stop this pattern of behavior is to look at these situations as invitations to heal ourselves. Instead of feeling angry, we can instead shift our thinking and feel grateful for such an opportunity.

Easier said than done, right?

We are always silently communicating energetically. We can take charge of our lives by taking charge of our thoughts. It’s common to want to avoid painful feelings like anger, frustration or sadness. They are considered negative so many people try to push these feelings away. When we try to prevent negative emotions we block all emotions, not just negative. When we numb ourselves to some emotions, we start numbing ourselves to all our emotions. We need to feel all our emotions, even ones we don’t want to.

When we repress negative emotions, they don’t just go away. We need to move through them otherwise they make us sick. If we remember that feeling our emotions is healing then we can be gentle with ourselves, take one moment at a time and feel into the experience. The best part about it all is as we progress, we don’t get triggered so easily. It’s the best feeling, as we become more grounded in our emotional resilience, we feel happier and lighter as we see the world through different eyes.

I invite you to participate in this journey with me. My program 30 Days To a Stress Free Life will go deeper into this concept - not just understanding why we become overwhelmed by our emotions, but rewiring our neurological pathways to ensure we have emotional resilience as triggering situations arise. You can contact me for a free assessment call to see if I can help you with anything you might have connected with in this article. I have seen the powerful shifts in my clients and I trust that everyone I work with will grow their emotional resilience.

In light and love,

Lisa x