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  • Lisa Wheeler

How Emotions Affect our Physical Health?

When I was 15 I suffered a traumatic event and began to get a backache (its common for back pain to be caused by the emotional root problem of feeling unsupported) and so I began to attend a chiropractor who organised an x-ray and gave me the verdict of a bulging disk. He could not fix me or heal my bulging disk but he could help me find relative comfort.

I visited different chiropractors regularly for 27 years until one day my adult son left home to live in Japan and I soon found myself in crippling pain and could not even walk. I had a friend who was a naturopath and specialised in energy healing who recognised the trapped emotions in my back which had been triggered by my son leaving home and released them.

I walked out of her office in 2013 feeling instant relief and over the next three weeks my back got better and better until I couldn't even feel where the bulging disk had been. After a lifetime of constant aches and pains, my back is now healed.

We live in a world where we are not taught how to deal with strong emotion. We ignore them, suck them in, push them down and fight to overcome them. We are discouraged from talking about how we feel until we eventually need to go and see a professional. The fact that we have professionals that we need to talk to is a big red flag. Its a symptom of a society who are disconnected from their emotions.

Instead we need to acknowledge them, feel them, experience them and allow them to flow through us. When we do this our emotions are more likely to come and go. They are less likely to stick around and bring us down. Suppressed emotions are heavy, they weigh us down. They become blocks in our body, they are literally toxic matter that poisons our body and if not given attention, they eventually cause disease.

When we are in pain, it is our mind and body trying to communicate to us that we have some unexpressed emotion stuck within us wanting to be exposed, validated and released.

Understanding this connection allows us to be aware of our mind-body signals that point to symptoms needing our attention. This understanding leads to greater emotional health. With greater emotional health comes the added benefit of naturally developing better behaviours that improve our physical health too - a great win-win situation.

What does great emotional health look life?

  1. You are self-aware.

  2. You can identify your emotions in most situations.

  3. You are aware of your thoughts as well as your feelings.

  4. You use a range of healthy strategies for coping with the stresses of daily life.

  5. You like yourself.

  6. You have good relationships in your life.

  7. You have largely trained your 'inner critic'.

  8. Thinking (head) and feeling (heart) work together.

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In light and love

Lisa x