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  • Lisa Wheeler

Everything Happens for a Reason

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I wholeheartedly believe that everything happens for a reason. All of our hardships and celebrations are a part of something bigger - one of my clients says this phenomenon is similar to a “connect the dots puzzle”.

This belief is connected to the concept that the universe is governed by laws, such as the law of gravity. When we understand the laws we are able to make a mental shift and take more responsibility over what happens in our lives. Everything changes once you realise that nothing is accidental or coincidental. If we choose to see it, there is always something to learn from what happens in our lives.

In the following weeks I will share more about the various laws but today, let’s talk about the law of attraction. The law of attraction is becoming a popular topic amongst people interested in wellness. It states that we are attracting into our lives certain situations. But sometimes we attract situations we don’t want, sometimes without even realising.

The main thing to be aware of is our desires and expectations. If we desire something but don’t expect it to show up then it isn’t going to come into fruition, it’s just a dream. But we also need not expect something we don’t desire - as this is when we run into situations that leave us feeling hopeless and upset.

But we aren’t hopeless. There are things we can do. We can ask ourselves, “if everything happens for a reason – am I the reason?”

One of the most valuable things I have accepted is that we shouldn’t force things to come into our lives. Force causes congestion. I have struggled with this myself – I just want everything to be the best it can be, I want to crush all my goals and just make everything happen as soon as possible!

But now instead of forcing it, I am trying to adopt a new philosophy… I am really attracted to the word “surrender”. And mostly I am trying to surrender to love.

Connecting with nature helps me to surrender to love.

We need to ignore all the things that are going wrong and making us feel bad. We need to show love to the things that we want to go right. If we want better relationships, then we need to show love to our current relationships. If we want more money, which is a popular one, then we need to show love to the money we already have.

We must figure out what we want. And then we must surrender to it. Our unconscious mind knows so much more about our lives, about our blueprint, and what our true goals are. Surrendering to our unconscious mind and practicing love is undoubtedly the best way to get the life we want.

Releasing negative expectations can be a challenge. If you want help with this then contact me so I can help you.

You can only know what needs to change then by looking at your life. There are many things in life you can’t control, but one is what you put your attention on. We must use the law of attraction to our advantage.

Sometimes really big things we can’t control happen in our lives. And it can be hard to find a reason for these things. Sometimes it does feel hopeless, but again we must choose where we can focus. But you don’t have to do it alone. Talk to a friend, call family, and ask for help.

In light and love,