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  • Lisa Wheeler

Are you challenging yourself or letting life challenge you?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

A few years ago one of my really good friends convinced me that it might be quicker to take the pegs off the line and place them in a bucket rather than leave them on the line.

I had grown up as a leave-them-on-the-line-kinda-gal and I wanted to know if there was a better, more efficient way to do this task.

So that summer I decided to give myself one whole month where I would experiment with this idea. For the whole 4 weeks, I took the pegs off and then put them back on with the next lot of clothes. My husband thought I was crazy but I was determined to know one way or the other.

The result was after a month I went back to my old way.

Being open minded to other's ideas can take you places you've never been before.

The lessons I learnt from this experience was:

1. there is nothing wrong with being open minded and trying new things - as long as they are harmless, and

2. that most often we prefer to stay in our comfort zones.

In general we humans don't like to move too far out of our comfort zones. That's why its called a comfort zone - because it’s comfortable. But if we never go out of our comfort zone, we don't grow or progress. And in fact if we don't challenge ourselves, the universe will do it for us. Just like an unused muscle will disintegrate and die, so will we if we don't engage in life. If you don't like the challenges the universe is throwing at you then prepare your own. Life has a way of being one way or the other, it's actually pretty cool how that works!

Are you challenging yourself or letting life challenge you? Do you set goals and achieve them? Recently I received my SMART goals practitioner certificate and I would LOVE to assist you in achieving your life goals (maybe you're still wondering what they are).

If you would like support and are up for the challenge to move forward with creating a new reality, then check out my free, no pressure, 30 min coaching calls. These are designed to help you get clear on the next step from where you’re at and move you closer to your life of joy. If you are interested in further support after that, we'll take a few minutes to book another call. Cool? Great, click this link here to book a time.

I look forward to challenging you!

In light & LOVE

Lisa x