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  • Lisa Wheeler

An Unexpected Experience

Below is a lovely testimony a client sent in about her experience with my 6 month Aligning with Joy program. I trust that the testimony below may resonate with some of you and answer any questions you may have about how I can help you. If you feel prompted, you can contact me here with any questions.

"I was recommended Lisa’s work from a friend. I had been using cognitive behavioural therapy since I was 14 years old and it had helped with some things, but in the past few years a new problem arose: I was really struggling with eating and my body image.

I will admit when I first arrived in the initial complimentary assessment call with Lisa I was skeptical. I had heard crazy stories about energy work and I had lots of preconceived ideas in my head. But I tried to keep an open mind and listen respectfully as Lisa explained the process of her coaching course entitled 'Aligning with Joy'. It was through this assessment call that I realised it wasn’t quite what I had been expecting - it was a lot more chill than I had expected. Lisa asked me questions about my life and my goals for the future and I answered honestly.

Next came the part of the discussion in which we talked about money. This was probably my biggest hurdle. Lisa muscle tested to find a price she felt was right for me and honestly at first it was a bit more than I was expecting. But Lisa was incredibly flexible and we negotiated a payment plan that ended up being a very similar price to my old therapy sessions anyway.

Each unit of the Aligning with Joy program focuses on one key element of your life, and offers a fresh perspective on why we struggle and how to get out of the negative cycles we have created for ourselves.

"Meeting with Lisa was a lot more chilled than I expected."

I originally came to Lisa for help with my eating but I have found my life improving in all areas. My relationships, my faith, sleeping, establishing a self care routine, the language I use, I no longer worry about money - I didn't realise how dissatisfied I was with my life until I started working with Lisa.

I have learned how energy affects everything and how our neurological patterns often need to be realigned to improve our positive behaviour and get us on a path of self love.

My number one piece of advice is to ask Lisa questions in the assessment call. I went so far as to ask her, "if I don't think the program is working can I cancel my payments?" It was the way Lisa answered that question with ease that made me know I could put my absolute trust in her.

I am not yet done with the program, but already I have received more than the value of my investment. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who feels they have tried "everything" and still they cant get better, or people who feel like they are doing okay, but something feels a little off. Anyone who might need a little help 'Aligning With Joy'."

If you would like to take your first step towards a completely new life, free from dissatisfaction and past emotions and trauma, click here.