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  • Lisa Wheeler

An Invitation To Be Healed

The word “triggered” has become a slang word, something like a joke. My older children often joke about “being triggered”, laughing and teasing each other on their minor insecurities.

But recently a discussion with one of my clients had opened my eyes to the realities of being triggered, and how the language we use can affect how we treat ourselves and others. Below is a slightly edited version of her story, written and changed with my client’s full consent:

My client has been doing a lot of work around releasing generational trauma in relation to her Indigenous Aboriginal heritage, and I find that as someone releases these generational traumas it will greatly affect previous generations that have been put to rest. But as we worked on releasing these feelings, she would update me on her family’s journey every time we saw each other. I was excited to observe releasing generational trauma also influencing living generations!

I was particularly fascinated by the transformation of her father. He is an Aboriginal man, who was still stuck in the generational habits of feeling apprehensive and sensitive towards any jokes or comments made about Aboriginal or Australian culture.

But soon my client found her father was becoming more and more at peace with their family’s history, and was opening up more to have healing discussions with his children. He spoke particularly of being triggered. He said he would go online and people would joke about his culture, then when he tried to respectfully say, “Please don’t say these things to me,” people would just reply, “Haha, you’re so triggered!”

But instead of leaving it like that, he simply replied, “Yes, I am triggered. You have said something that has upset me and instead of joking about it, you should respect my feelings.”

I think there is something to learn from the story of my client’s father – being triggered is obviously not something anyone wants to feel, but most people do have something they are sensitive towards. I know even in myself I can get triggered from all sorts of situations.

The next time you are triggered, instead of making a joke or shying away – celebrate! Being “triggered” is really a sign that you have encountered a trauma you need to release. It is an invitation to be healed.

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