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  • Lisa Wheeler

3 Ways to Journal for Self care

Today I would love to share 3 ways that journalling can be amazing for self care. I have also included some recommended prompts to make your journaling journey easier. Enjoy!

The art of journalling can be found all around the world. Since the dawn of time, people have been using cave drawings and scrolls to record their life stories. It is something I've asked my parents to participate in and I have really enjoyed reading about their lives when they have. We may think our lives are insanely boring but not only is it actually enjoyable for our family to read one day, it is also extremely beneficial for ourselves. If you haven't started yet, then maybe the following 3 ideas may help you.

1. Taking Time For Yourself

Journalling is valuable because it is something you are doing just for yourself. It’s a time to indulge in your thoughts and feelings, and really let yourself be heard and understood. If you sometimes feel you are being taken for granted or you feel isolated, then journalling can heal those wounds for you.

Recommended prompt: “Today I had an experience that made me feel…”

2. Being Grateful

Practicing gratitude is the most humbling, positive form of self care you have. Sometimes when times get tough it can feel like your entire life is collapsing. But forcing yourself to push through those thoughts and recognise the privileges you have will always make you feel lighter and happier.

Recommended prompt: “In 6 months I hope I still have…”

3. Establishing A Routine

Recently a client said to me, “I feel like I am scheduling my self care around my work hours, instead of prioritising my self care.” I have found that often when people have a lot on their plate, the first thing to be cut back is down time, i.e the time to relax and practice self care. Journalling is a quick, easy way to reflect on yourself and I have found that once people start journalling regularly, it is the solid foundation that they can begin to build a nurturing daily routine around.

Recommended prompt: “My ideal daily routine would be…”

Last week I posted a whole bunch of journalling prompts, and briefly explained the benefits to our spiritual and mental health. Check it out


if you would like more ideas.

Journalling is one tool out of many which I find empowers progress with my clients. Having a whole toolbox of techniques is so supportive for our wellbeing. If you are interested in increasing your toolbox of self care techniques then contact me