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Coaching Programs

 Hi friends - we have a variety of coaching programs that can help you to feel more joy in your life again. If you know getting a coach to help you is your next step, book a call here  and we can have a no-pressure conversation to see if you and I are a match.

A little heads up. Our programs are priced between $497 and $5k ... and totally worth more than that.

So don’t book a call if you’re wanting something super low cost with no

support to help you transform how you feel on the daily. If you are ready to bring the joy back into your life then get in touch to book a call.

Aligning with Joy Private Coaching Program

6 months to Inner Peace

This intensive and transformational private mentoring program is amazing for women who are all in type of women. Who are really wanting to move forward with creating a new reality. My Aligning with Joy 6 month coaching program is both belief and behaviour based. This is where you will experience the biggest personal shifts and breakthroughs. 

With access to on line tutorials, private 1 on 1 coaching and my inspired weekly Wholistic Breakthrough classes, this program is for those that are in a space where they are 100% ready to let go of the negativity and experience more joy.

" This course is a must for anyone who feels stuck in a rut or is on the pathway to transformation in their life. Thanks again!" Caroline

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Aligning with Joy Group Online Program

Do you revel in community support?

The Aligning with Joy group program is designed to support you to get the foundations in place to move forward in life. Specifically it is really amazing because it has a heavy practical component. The weekly Wholistic Breakthrough classes are paramount to assist you in overcoming your challenges. It can be very affirming to have people going through the same challenges as you at the same time. So as an alternative to the one on one program, this service is for those who enjoy the connection and comfort of community support.

"Years of living intuitively give Lisa the ability to get to the root of your problems, and offer tools to assist you in healing your life. This program equips you with many techniques for positively influencing your life, and leaves you empowered to begin creating a life that you love.   Katelyn


VIP Coaching Session

Personal Empower Program

Are you dissatisfied with your life? Are you ready to become aligned with your life purpose and re-write your life story? This one day program is designed for those who just need a jump start to dial in on one specific area and blast through as much content and practical help in the time frame. These sessions are recorded, so you can go back and listen as often as you want. Lets get you aligned with your goals and support you to be confident of your pathway forward. 

"I came to Lisa because I felt trapped by my own past habits. I wanted desperately to become the best version of myself, but I didn't know how to do that.. or really what that even meant. By releasing my limiting beliefs and committing to the practical elements of the program, I now know exactly what I need to do.Thank you."

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Empower Yourself

Achieve Your Goals

In an effort to support clients make breakthroughs, EmEnergy has created a method that is both belief- and behavior-based. It addresses the skill set as well as the mindset. I believe in providing an oasis for busy women to pause, to reflect, to tune in to their own greatness, so that they can regroup for their next leap forward.