Tasmania, Australia


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My Brands

Wholistic View consists of: events such as transformational retreats, workshops and women's circles, home made wellness products using doTERRA essential oils, and Spiritual Life Coaching programs.

My life coaching programs  include using emotion cognition programming. This entails combining both cognitive mindset tools and emotional energy healing.

Cognitive mindset tools assist in the rewiring of past subconscious programming allowing a new reality to be created.

Emotional energy healing clears away the blocks that contribute to feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unable to move forward. Once we let go and move forward we can feel connected to ourselves, others, and to source energy. This puts us in a position to be the best version of ourselves, to be free, and to align with joy.

My newest brand is a collaboration between Wholistic View and Sustain Social. This is business coaching meets  life coaching, offering a complete package for the working woman.