Tasmania, Australia


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My Coaching Story

Hi, I’m Lisa.

I am a multi-disciplinary holistic life coach. Connectivity is a vital part of well-being and its when we feel disconnected from ourselves, others and the world around us including source energy that we begin to experience dis-ease, disharmony and distress. 

It is my intention to assist women through an integrated approach to let go of old energy and  re-connect using tools and techniques tailored to the individual's needs. This view entails seeing ourselves as whole beings, (mind, body and soul) as I believe that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are distinctive and yet all indisputably interconnected. It is my belief that our bodies are capable of healing themselves when given the right circumstances and instructions.

My clients appreciate the gentle yet powerful techniques that I use to enable this connection and release the blocks, fears and limiting beliefs interrupting  their alignment with wholeness. As a result many have found freedom from the destructive chains of their past (personal and generational) and to move forward with their lives creating a new amazing reality.

I have four wonderful children, a loving husband and living in Tasmania gives me the blessing of enjoying a 5 acre hobby farm with 16 sheep - only 10 minutes from the inner CBD! But I too have known struggles.

I share my vulnerabilities with my clients, and with you, in hopes of releasing the stigma around confronting our struggles. Things don’t have to be the way they are. You don’t have to feel dissatisfied in any aspect of your life. Let me tell you my story, of where I began and where I am now. I invite you to read these words and feel inspired to change your life.

As a child and teenager I felt terribly isolated and disconnected. I battled self loathing and self harm. My longing for connection was a real physical pain. My heart hurt. It felt like an irreparable ache. I felt stifled and consumed with a craving for love and acceptance. I felt numb and desperate. I felt I would drown in my own emotions having no idea what to do with them or how to manage them.

Today I am so grateful for this experience, this defining moment, as its because of this ordeal that I began my search to learn to love myself, feel connected to others and to the light and love surrounding me.

My personal healing journey began a few years later when at 18 I connected to deity. This connection healed many of the wounds but also highlighted my weaknesses, bad habits and blocks that seemed insurmountable to overcome.

 My healing journey advanced immensely when I was 25 years old. I visited a naturopath and energy healer who told me I needed to become my own best friend.

Over the years as I took back this power and opened my eyes and heart to healing all four separate and yet connected bodies; physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, I found I could live a life of higher consciousness that was more sweet, delicious and peaceful than I could ever imagine.

Although I trained and worked as a school teacher for almost 20 years, I knew that it was my life's purpose to share this knowledge with the world, and now that is what I get to do. As a holistic life coach, I share the tools that I have found so liberating over the last 25 years and I LOVE it.

I believe in allowing my clients the freedom to own their own perception of source energy. I use inclusive terminology to enable this respect so that no one feels excluded or alienated.

If my story speaks to you then the only question that is left for you to answer is: are you ready for that life too? If you are then contact me, I would love to chat.

In light and love,

Lisa x